Jardins de Misfah - Limited Edition
Exclusive Olfactory Experience
190 *
* The box contains a 100 ml bottle of Jardins de Misfah + four 5 ml bottles of the notes that compose the fragrance.
This is a numbered limited edition of only 100 units.

Experience a unique olfactory journey by discovering 'Jardins de Misfah' from a new angle deconstructing the fragrance note by note.

Immerse yourself in the creative process of a perfumer and discover how each individual note is artfully blended to craft an original fragrance

Start your olfactory exploration with the sequence below:

  • Top Notes: Accord Epicé
    • Saffron and cardamom, favorite spices of grand oriental perfumes for a bold and colorful signature.
  • Heart Notes: Accord Rose
    • An exquisite and high-quality rose absolute that evokes the freshness and subtlety of beautiful Oriental flowers, reminiscent of the rose gardens in the heart of Oman.
  • Base Notes: Accord Date & Accord Amande
    • The date accord, the cornerstone of this perfume's addictive sweetness, captures the essence of the emblematic fruit of Misfah's lush gardens.
    • Bitter almond, when combined with the depth of date, intensifies the enchanting notes of the fragrance and imparts an opulent texture.


To tailor the original 'Jardins de Misfah' to your preference for a spicier, sweeter, or more floral scent, simply layer it with one of the four accord sprays to amplify your desired facet.