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We created 'Une Nuit Nomade' to elegantly awaken your desire to roam from continent to continent, in search of fascinating and breathtaking destinations. 'Une Nuit Nomade' is an invitation to a motionless journey where each inch of your skin becomes a new frontier, meant to reveal a new fragrance, a new emotion.

Our quest for a fragrant world is limitless.

What's inside our discovery kit ?

10 fragrances in 2,5 ml

Sugar Leather • Love at First Sight • Jardins de Misfah • Sun Bleached • Ambre Khandjar • Suma Oriental • Mr Vetiver • Memory Motel • Nothing but Sea and Sky • Click Song

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Discovery Kit, Une Nuit à Bali, Une Nuit à Montauk, Une Nuit à Oman


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