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We created 'Une Nuit Nomade' to elegantly awaken your desire to roam from continent to continent, in search of fascinating and breathtaking destinations. 'Une Nuit Nomade' is an invitation to a motionless journey where each inch of your skin becomes a new frontier, meant to reveal a new fragrance, a new emotion.

Our quest for a fragrant world is limitless.

What's inside our discovery kit ?

10 fragrances in 2,5 ml

Sugar Leather • Bohemian Soul • Jardins de Misfah • Sun Bleached • Ambre Khandjar • Suma Oriental • Mr Vetiver • Memory Motel • Nothing but Sea and Sky • Love at First Sight

+ A voucher of 20€ :

applicable to any purchase of a minimum of 85 euros

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Discovery Kit, Une Nuit à Bali, Une Nuit à Montauk, Une Nuit à Oman

166 reviews for Discovery Kit

  1. english

    Incredible discovery set. Really takes you down memory lane. It was hard to choose just one fragrance to begin with so I will definitely be buying more than one full size.

  2. english

    Many of the frags are unique and quite complex. I enjoyed Love at first sight the most but Bohemian Soul is my very close second. I would love to try even more from the brand n the future. Fast shipping and delivery with no issues whatsoever.

  3. francais

    Parfums trop capiteux, sauf un, le Sunbleached

  4. english

    The whole collection is amazing. Such a wide range of fragrances, it doesn’t matter what your plans are, you’ll have a perfume that fits the occasion. Right now, I’m buying at least 4 of these for my girl, but I’d love to have the whole collection eventually.

  5. english

    Great kit, I ended up falling in love with several fragrances! The gift wrapping was absolutely beautiful, the whole kit was very well packaged and made with high quality materials. And shipping was lightning fast, faster than when I order things in my own country! A wonderful experience with a very thoughtful and artistically minded brand. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

  6. francais

    excellents parfums

  7. english

    i recieved very beautiful box of discovery set and so far i love the click song. thank you very much 🙂

  8. english

    The Discovery Kit is soo useful, I have found a fragrance I love – Nothing but Sea and Sky – that lasts all day !

  9. english

    The discovery kit is a great way to figure out which scent fits you. Une nuit nomade is such a unique perfumery, i love it! I will definitely be ordering Love at first sight!

  10. english

    Great costumer service, an absolutely fantastic discovery set, and wonderfully smellying fragrances! I recommend Une Nuit Nomade 100%. Adore it!

  11. english

    Exceptional quality of frags and exclusive client’s service. Very impressed!

  12. english

    I think this is a brand where attention to detail is key, their discovery set is extremely beautiful and unique, incorporates great art and each fragrance comes with a beautifully designed card on which you have the notes included in the perfume and the inspiration behind it. The other aspect which is great is the possibility of buying smaller sizes of each fragrance and also buying fragrances without the box therefore paying less (they come in a plain cardboard box anyway)

  13. english

    The discovery set was so beautifully present. I really enjoyed most of the fragrances and will definitely be purchasing full sizes. Sugar leather, ambre khandjar and nothing but sea and sky were stand outs for me, absolutely stunning.

  14. english

    Discovery kit is a beautiful multi- sensory experience you shouldn’t miss.

  15. english

    Thank you!

  16. francais

    Parfum exceptionnel. Coffret découverte d’une grande qualité

  17. english

    A beautiful discovery kit

  18. francais

    Magnifique parfums !

  19. english

    Very amazing Collection

  20. francais

    J’avoue ne pas avoir encore tout tester donc la réponse au test n’est pas très fiable mais à par ça c’est de la frappe hâte de pouvoir commander j’aime beaucoup sugar leather et nothing but sea and Sky

  21. english

    I like every one of the fragrances but Love at first sight is BEAUTIFUL!! Sweet, fresh, and alluring!!

  22. english

    Beautyful scents

  23. english

    So beautiful Parfum.

  24. english

    I didnt have all the scents of this survey

  25. english

    These perfumes all feel like personal memories, this is a fine bit of sleight of hand. I have recommended Une Nuit Nomade to everyone I know.

  26. english

    I have not yet sampled all offerings (some were not in the kit, some I have just not had the time to sample yet), so I chose to the best of my abilities, but I LOVE Click Song and suspect I will adore Love At First Sight, as I adore lilac.

  27. english

    I adore all the purchase options, but the order process time is quite slow, but in nowadays struggling economy I kind of understand ?

  28. francais

    Très bonne direction artistique, bon rapport qualité/prix, la collection Une nuit à Oman est excellente

  29. francais

    J’ai vraiment adoré votre coffret découverte, que ce soit le design de la boite, les cartes avec les illustrations, le storytelling et les notes olfactives ! Je dois reconnaître que votre direction artistique est soignée, bravo !

  30. english

    Would love a heavy vanilla in your collection!

  31. english

    I just loved the discovery set. I smelled a lot of niche fragrances and I must say that une nuit nomade is really speacial because I could actually sense that the fragrances were made with passion and they just transported me in places that I’ve never been before. Prepare for more orders from me!

  32. francais

    Ambre kandjar est extraordinaire, j’ai vécu à Abu Dhabi dans les années 90 et j’ai vraiment retrouvé le parfum des souks c’était fou

  33. francais

    1ere fois dans une maison de parfum où il ya autant de coup de coeur differents, exceptionnel senteur ! BRAVO

  34. english

    Great selection

  35. english

    I really love jardins de misfah, just wished it lasted as long as sugar leather.

  36. english

    I loved so many of the samples, I difficulty choosing.

  37. english

    Congratulations! ❤️

  38. english

    jardins de misfah is one of the best!

  39. english

    Nothing but Sea and Sky is my favorite

  40. english

    They are all beautiful fragrances

  41. francais

    Très beau kit d’échantillons !

  42. francais

    En fait, toutes les fragrances sont magnifiques

  43. francais

    Je découvre et c’est une belle découverte. Merci !

  44. english

    I really can’t wait until you restock Sugar Leather! And hoping I manage to secure a 50ml bottle ?

  45. francais

    Des fragrances de qualité !

  46. english

    I already bought Suma Oriental and Sugar Leather, because they are so great scents!

  47. english

    My very favourite is Love at first sight.. I hope you find a distributor here in Australia. Thanks

  48. english

    Unfortunately where were too many fragrances that smelled like incense candles on my skin

  49. francais

    J’ai été séduit par toutes les fragrances sans exception !

  50. francais

    En découvrant votre kit découverte (très beau, trop pour un simple kit d’échantillons voués à être vidés), j’ai eu un coup de foudre pour trois de vos fragrances en plus de belles surprises avec les autres. J’ai pu immédiatement profiter de votre offre 3 pour le prix de 2 en format 25ml, et je vous remercie de proposer des merveilles à des prix accessibles. Avec Parfum d’Empire, votre maison de parfumerie représente l’avenir qualitatif de la parfumerie française. Ne changez rien, continuez à créer de belles choses et félicitations à l’ensemble de vos équipes.

  51. english

    I really appreciated having the possibility to discover your brand with the discovery set. Perfumes are so individual and personal and your kit allowed me to find my very own.

  52. english

    Purchased the discovery kit to smell Sugar Leather – which is wonderful. Ended up falling in absolute love with Jardins de Misfah and very big like with Suma Oriental and Love at First Sight. Great fragrances.

  53. english

    I’ve never liked so many compositions from a sample set before!

  54. english

    I am absolutely loving Sugar Leather, Jardins de Misfah, and Ambre Khandjar! The quality of these fragrances are EXCELLENT ??

  55. english

    I genuinely liked Suma Oriental, in fact it was the one thatt I purchased with the discount code, that boozy patchouli and cocoa was something truly mesmerising. I also enjoyed the carnatiin and in general the vintage aroma of memory motel. All in all, alll fragrances told me about their soul, they are clearly made with passion behind them and each can be made into a journey in my mind. I don’t rule out adquiring more of your work, keep it up!

  56. english

    Something with Angelica, vanilla and suede

  57. english

    I appreciate no extra delivery cost for the discovery set and the discount voucher for the fragrance. I wish you all the best!

  58. english

    All fragrances are good

  59. francais

    J’ai eu bcp coups de cœur surtout les senteurs cleans et florale

  60. english

    Really loved memory mortel

  61. english

    Keep up the good work and stay different from other fragrance makers as obviously you are. Thank you.

  62. english

    Difficult to make a choice, the whole discovery kit is fantastic

  63. english

    Didn’t receive all perfumes mentioned in the survey. In the selection receive I didn’t fancy Suma Orientel, Sugar Leather and Mr. Vetiver – the rest was fantastic ❤️

  64. english

    Hi, I would really like to try the other perfumes that are missing from the kit you sent me. Your perfumes are particular and are reflected in the descriptions, congratulations on how you set up the kit.

  65. english

    superb collection of fragrances

  66. english

    Geuren vervagen wel snel. Dat is jammer.

  67. english

    I really love your fragrances and hope I will try the rest of the collection in the near future!

  68. english

    Can you announce when Sugar Leather and Sun Bleached are available again?

  69. english

    I’m a new customer and I would like to tell you that your fragrance collection is astonishing. I fall in love with the Oman’s collection,especially Ambre Khandjar and Jardin de Misfah,amazing fragrances,they bring me back to Oman’s vibes. In my humble opinion they are both polarizing and seductive and play very well on my skin. Soon I will purchase the full sizes . I really appreciate also the discovery kit very elegant and refine. Thank you . Best Regards. Federica

  70. francais

    J’ai découvert votre marque que très récemment. Lorsque le coffret découverte est arrivé, j’ai voulu tout sentir rapidement. Grosse erreur. J’ai ensuite pris le temps, profité du parfum, le laisser s’installer et j’ai redécouvert ces échantillons. J’ai beaucoup aimé Bohemian soul, Mr Vétiver et suma oriental. Un seul petit regret, il me manquait l’échantillon de sugar leather… rien de grave. Peut être je l’aurai lors de ma futur commande. Encore merci, pour la découverte, pour les réponses rapide par mail, l’envoi et la réception supersonique ! Bonne continuation a tous. Julien

  71. english

    sun bleached and nothing but sea and sky are my favourites! thank you very much!

  72. english

    I loved all of the fragrances in the Discovery Box. It’s hard to limit myself on which ones to buy. I know that I will be buying at least 3 of them for sure.

  73. english

    Wann sind die parfums erhältlich

  74. english

    I love the concept and aesthetic of the brand 🙂 just smelled your new perfume, Love at First Sight, and I’m in love!!

  75. english

    Sugar Leather is amazing

  76. english

    We really liked Sugar Leather

  77. english

    I really love a free sample you add to my order, but I don’t see it on your webpage. What is that?

  78. english

    Click Song is my absolute favorite! I ordered the kit initially thinking of later buying Jardins de Misfah but now I change my mind.

  79. english

    I loved the presentation of your discovery kit. It’s truly outstanding. My favorite scent is “nothing but sea and sky”, only wish is for better longevity, because the scent is beautiful.

  80. english

    Really appreciated the beautiful packaging and the care put into the set! A lot of the fragrances were too patchouli heavy for me personally, but I overall really enjoyed discovering more about your line.

  81. english

    All fragrances were lovely!!!!

  82. english

    I think Sugar Leather is my favourite – I love it and will be ordering it soon ?

  83. english

    Click song is the best

  84. english

    The new Sugar Leather is sooo wonderful!

  85. english

    I reaaly loved and enjoyed the new Love ar first sight. I live in a region where we even have a Lilac festival and I was marrying in that time of the year and You have truly captured the smell. This is the only Lilac fragrance I enjoy, love!

  86. english

    my absolute favorites that i’m also planningbon buying were Sun Bleached and Jardins.

  87. english

    Sugar leather smells really nice too

  88. francais

    J’ai bien aimé également Sugar Leather, peut-être un peu synthétique, à mon goût, mais agréable, et bonne tenue et évolue bien sur la peau.

  89. francais

    J’ai aimé presque toutes les fragrances,certaines me suscitant plus d’émotions.Je connaissais déjà Suma oriental (celui qui m’a fait découvrir votre marque),Jardins de Misfah et Fleur des fleurs.J’ai un réel coup de coeur pour love at first sight,il a quelque chose d’addictif.Sugar leather et Click song me surprennent aussi.Ils sont tous beaux,le seul qui n’a pas retenu mon attention c’est Ambre khandjar(l’ambre est une note que je n’aime pas trop).J’ai été très heureuse de découvrir ce kit,vos parfums sont magnifiques et qualitatifs.

  90. english

    I love Sugar Leather!

  91. english

    My absolute favorite is sugar leather!

  92. english

    I appreciate the idea and the packaging of the all perfumes

  93. english

    I really loved Click Song as well. Ambre Khandjar is good.

  94. english

    Great scents

  95. english

    Expert perfumery! I’m so happy I found out about your house. Thank you ?

  96. english

    My favorite scent was Click Song! Already got myself a 100ml version. Love it!

  97. english

    You have an awesome discovery set. Everything in your collection is good, i will buy Jardins de Misfah soon. Keep making more great fragrances! I discovered Jardins de Misfah through Sebastian Jara’s The Scent Club. Thank yoj.

  98. francais

    J’ai adoré Click Song et je souhaite le commander !

  99. english

    Amazing discovery kit. Love most of it. Will probably buy Ambre Khandjar and Jardin de Misfah, both are truly delicious. Memory Motel weirdly smell like my late grandmother house, so smelling that was like a surge of memories from childhood in her house for the summer. I would not wear it, but I must thank you for that moment. I can’t wait to smell what creations Une nuit nomade will bring next.

  100. francais

    j’ai découvert la marque en fouillant sur internet, je ne regrette pas

  101. english

    Very beautiful fragrances. Memory motel is like nothing I ever smelled before, it is amazing! Immediately ordered a full size! Sun bleached will be next 🙂

  102. english

    I would like to also vote for Click Song as one of my favorites

  103. english

    Your fragrances are all superb, so it is really hard to chose which one to purchase

  104. english

    In order of preference, I would highlight: Memory Motel, Rose America (ordered outside the discovery set), Nothing but Sea and Sky and Ambre Khandajar. Thank you for a delightful and adventurous set.

  105. english

    I really love all of your fragrances, they are amazing. I completely fell in love with Jardins de Misfah, looks like this fragrance is going to be my favorite. Thank you a lot!

  106. english

    Excellent fragrances! I will be ordering soon!

  107. english

    I liked the most Ambre Khandjar and Sun Bleached

  108. english

    Memory Motel and Rose America are absolutely to die for! Very unique, but very wearable at the same time. Love!

  109. english

    I was very disappointed as all the perfumes have this oriental feeling and base. I dislike this perfume house and i will never purchase anything from you again

  110. english

    I find all of your fragrances beautiful but my favourite is Jardins de Misfah

  111. english

    Very much enjoyed Click song, Jardins de Misfah, Memory motel, nothing but sea and sky. I will start with 25 ml bottles for them as my financial condition allows. Hopefully sometime later this year I can use the coupon to buy a 100 ml bottle.

  112. english

    Amazing discovery kit! I love all the scents!

  113. english

    Bohemian soul is adorable, but it not last at all in my skin

  114. english

    I really felt in love with jardins the misfah. Definitely my favourite fragrance! It’s my number one and it will be my signature perfume from no on. Amazing fragrance for roses lovers!

  115. english

    Click Song, Suma Oriental, Yardins de Misfah, Memory motel..they are all beautiful and i will definitly purchase one or two soon in March.

  116. english

    Absolutely loved Nothing but sea and sky. Having moved away from home, this smell reminds me of my dad and I love it! It’s so comforting and lovely. Please do not discontinue ever!

  117. english

    I also loved Click Song. Rose America was very unique and I al not a huge fan of rose fragrances! My favourite is Jardins de Misfa but it is a hard choice. I have some reviews of the fragrances on Fragrantica under LittleBigMouth.

  118. english

    Very impressed with the quality and longevity. Best discovery kit ever!

  119. english

    Son unas fragancias maravillosas, pero de todas mi preferida ha sido Jardins de Misfah

  120. english

    Your freshies/ summery scents are breathtaking. The discovery set exceeded my expectations. Thank you for creating these beauties.

  121. english

    good scents and lovely discovery set design. Love the paintings

  122. english

    I really, really love Sun bleached! And I enjoyed the discovery kit. It s very thoughtfully und beautifully made. Thank you a lot! This wont be my last purchase. Greetings from Germany!

  123. francais

    J’ai eu beaucoup de mal à répondre…tous vos parfums sont des merveilles, et selon le jour, l’heure, mon humeur…mes préférences évoluent. En tout cas merci de me faire voyager à travers vos fragrances, merci aussi pour vos formats qui permettent de tester et se faire plaisir à petit prix, et merci pour ce coffret délicat.

  124. english

    I don’t know which of the fragrance will suit me the best

  125. english

    Absolutely amazing discovery, maybe some are not for me, but they are all truly beautiful fragrances!!

  126. english

    When will return available the 25 ml version of Nothing but sea and sky?

  127. english

    Thank you for the truly beautiful experience! I had a wonderful journey and found so much to love. Memory Motel is a place I’ve visited before in my dreams, and now I feel like I want to be reminded of the scent story forever. ?

  128. english

    Very nice package. I Like the Design of the Kit

  129. english

    Very exotic perfumes. Really like them all.

  130. english

    Beautiful collection!

  131. english

    Did a scent date night with my hubby using your sample set. We had test strips, wrote down the individual perfume names and rated them while talking over a glass of wine. First time we have done something like that – thank you ?

  132. english

    Beautiful fragrances….

  133. english

    Absolutely love Jardin de Misfah

  134. english

    I’m so empressed with your line of perfume. I have already ordered a full size of Nothing but Sea and Sky. I have any perfumes and yours is the first sandalwood fragrance I will own. Your shipping to Canada was very quick regular post. I will be a return customer. Thank-you!

  135. english

    Lovely fragances indeed…

  136. english

    Nothing but Sea and Sky is beautiful it makes me take deep breaths like I’m enjoying fresh crisp morning mountain air on a trek. Well done. I live in Brisbane, Australia so it suits our climate well.

  137. english

    Jardins de Misfah is such a unique fragrance. It was very good scentwise but if it can be stronger it will definitely be a remarkable perfume. Also love your bohemian soul and the woody dry down. Wish it projects more same as nothing but syn and sky

  138. english

    Really enjoyed sampling the fragrances. They are all beautiful. Also the discovery kit presentation is like no other. Congrats on that ?

  139. english

    Ваши ароматы удивительны, и проникновенны до глубины души, я довольна своим выбором, и жду новые ароматы от вас!?Благодарю за быструю доставку! Удачи вам и процветания!

  140. english

    It was magical have this set i will buy it all in 10 ml

  141. english

    Click Song is my favorite scent.

  142. english

    I absolutely LOOOOVED Jardins de Misfah but sadly, it lasted no more than 2 hours on my skin and after talking to a few ig fragrance friends, I found out they had the same issue so I would love to see Jardins de Misfah reformulated to include notes that would allow this beautiful, alluring juice to last AT LEAST 6-7 hours. Suma Oriental was my next favorite and that one lasted about 5 hours and much longer on clothes so great job! Nothing but sea and sky is also amazing and has ok longevity! I will purchase Suma Oriental but wish Jardins de Misfah performed better because it is one of the most gorgeous date/floral fragrances I ever had the pleasure to sniff!

  143. english

    I adore your packaging!

  144. english

    I really loved all your fragrances and the majority of the answers is related on how my skin reacts to some of them and my person taste, than the perfumes itself. I am really happy I’ve discovered you!

  145. english

    I am interested in Click Song the most.

  146. english

    Continuez comme ca

  147. english

    The Size I would like to buy is Sold out! 🙁

  148. english

    Never discontinue Mr Vetiver, thanks!

  149. english

    Fleur de Fleurs was my favorit ?

  150. english

    Beautiful scents, hard to pick a favorite. So far, Mr. Vetiver is the most unique to me, absolutely stunning and transportive.

  151. english

    great fragrances, great price-value, great customer service – keep on the good work!

  152. english

    Thanks for a wonderful fragrance journey 🙂 You did a very good job! Nice packaging also.

  153. english

    Great work!

  154. francais

    Je recherche un parfum léger, aérien et musqué, avec de la fleur de coton, poudre de riz, vanille, santal. Si vous avez cela dans la gamme, je prends ! Merci

  155. english

    Thank you for a beautifully presented discovery kit and for kind addition of a Rose America sample which is not included by default. I liked Rose America the best besides Memory Motel and Sun Bleached and I plan to order all three of them.

  156. english

    I love the storytelling part, the design of the parfumes and the experience. Sadly, they are not durable at all, not more then 2 hours. That’s pity, because I will not order again, even if you love the brand. I would pay double price only if they would be more long lasting.

  157. francais

    Click song est Mon préféré

  158. francais

    J’hésite entre Suma Oriental et Ambre Khandjar…

  159. francais

    Memory motel est le plus original, élégant et net

  160. francais

    Très ravis d’avoir découvert cette marque. Les parfums sont de grande qualité. Je ne tarderai pas en commander

  161. english

    Your discovery set truly felt like a journey! I look forward to your future releases. ?

  162. francais

    J’ai découvert votre marque grâce à la parfumerie podcast,très satisfait, de jolies parfum avec un très bon rapport qualité prix , les illustrations sont aussi très belles

  163. francais

    Je vous ai découvert en écoutant la Parfumerie podcast et quelle bonne surprise ! Je suis encore dans les échantillons mais gros coup de cœur pour Bohemain Soul et Mr Vetiver pour ma part, une commande suivra probablement dès que j’aurais vraiment tout senti ! J’aime également beaucoup l’identité visuelle de la marque, très beau travail. Bonne journée

  164. english

    I am a fan of florals and I really enjoyed yours (although I liked everything very much except Mr. Vetiver)!

  165. english

    I enjoyed this journey of discovering une nuit nomade creations. Great work!

  166. english

    Congrats guys, you gave me a very hard job on deciding which one should I order. I like almost all of the discovery set, my bank account will not so much ?

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