- Naturally mattifies makeup

Once foundation has been applied, use a brush to apply the Massage Powder in place of a loose face powder. It is a perfect treatment that will illuminate and mattify your skin in a far more natural way than classic powder.

- Velvety Effect on Dry Skin

The Powder can be applied before or after body oil (cream or lotion) in order to absorb it and mattify the skin while providing a protective layer which gradually releases active ingredients. The skin is perfectly dry and adorned with a veil of velvety softness.

- Tightens pores in oily skin

All of us have occasionally dealt with oily skin and open pores. Oh my! The Massage Powder tightens pores, and substantially reduces shininess and excessive sebum.

- Reduces humidity in moist climates

When subjected to humid tropical-type climates, the skin will inevitably begin to perspire. When applied in the morning to sensitive zones, the Massage Powder reduces the sensation of stickiness, oiliness, and sweatiness.