Le Shampoing Sec

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Gentle Cleanser - 100 % Natural

Une Nuit à Bali has created a 100% natural dry shampoo to preserve the shine and softness of your hair. It gently absorbs excess sebum and returns hair to its original clean state in just 5 minutes.

Dry shampoo powder is a better alternative to aerosols which contain large amounts of alcohol to facilitate spraying. Alcohol dries out the hair, making it appear dull and “crunchy”.


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Le Shampoing Sec

Le Shampoing Sec

Gentle Cleanser

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Tap the container to disperse the powder uniformly. Rub the powder along the entire length of the hair, starting at the roots. Brush hair to remove excess powder.

Use the shampoo whenever hair is slightly dirty but you lack the time to wash with water.

For oily hair that has been damaged by frequent washing, clean hair with dry shampoo once every three days.

Suitable for all types of hair, even the darkest shades.

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