Ambre Khandjar

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The souq of Muttrah is found in the heart of the oldest city in the Middle East, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, Muscat. Called the "dark market", this souk is bathed in a diffuse light that invites mystery.

It is the perfect place to spend a small fortune for a legendary Khandjar. The Khandjar is a dagger bent in the shape of a J, the product of craftsmanship that is passed from father to son. It is the identity, pride and heritage of Oman. In the great tradition of warriors, it was worn in a belt around the waist. Today, it is only worn during special occasions.

Many types of Khandjar exist. The most beautiful are made from silver (often engraved with symbols describing the movement of the sun across the sky) and have a sculpted wooden hilt. The use of silver imparts the virtues of a talisman – luck, protection from evil.

Wearing a Khandjar is like carrying a piece of the Omani soul.

Our fragrance 'Ambre Khandjar' is a tribute to the power of tradition. It is a powerful oriental amber with modern facets and a lingering of leather and vanilla that make it timeless, warm and addictive. A scent of skin tanned by the sun and the cold of metal.


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Ambre Khandjar

Ambre Khandjar

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Top Notes

Mandarin - Black Plum

Heart Notes

Cistus Labdanum Aboslute – Vanilla Pod O2 – Orris Absolute – Ylang Ylang

Base Notes

Sandalwood – Patchouli – Benzoin Resinoid