Vos Echantillons Parfum - Une Nuit à Montauk

Echantillons - Une Nuit à Montauk

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Découvrez les parfums Une Nuit à Montauk grâce à nos échantillons :

- Memory Motel 2,5 ml

- Rose America 2,5 ml

- Bohemian Soul 2,5 ml

Livraison gratuite en France et Belgique

Offre de remboursement : Un code de reduction de dix euros vous sera envoyé, valable pour toute commande d'un parfum en 50 ou 100 ml.


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  • Note 

    Excellent bespoke fragrances

    These fragrances are absolutely beautiful. At a time when so many new mainstream fragrances are aiming for the same overall impact (sweet gourmands for women and clean, sporty fragrances for men), Une Nuit à Montauk genuinely bring a breath of fresh air. They are so special, and the notes are in such beautiful balance -- and each one is detectable in each fragrance. Some notes to which I'm often averse (such as patchouli) are complemented so well by the others that there is nothing I don't like about these. The longevity and sillage are quite impressive, and the fragrances mature beautifully from first spray to dry down. I strongly recommend giving these a try, especially because Une Nuit Nomade's customer service is top-notch! Merci beaucoup -- je reviendrai bientôt!

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Echantillons - Une Nuit à Montauk

Echantillons - Une Nuit à Montauk

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