The Travel Perfume - The Flower of Flowers

Flower of Flowers - The Travel Perfume

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Seductive & Mesmerizing - Eau de Parfum | Capacity: 20 ml

You are finally in Bali. Feet on the beach, in the most exclusive hideout...

It may be a dream... But your memory revives when your skin exalts a floral note of Ylang-Ylang & Jasmin. An intense accord that unfolds in a powdered and subtly wooden elegance.

 An ideal fragrance within reach to use between meetings, planes or passions.


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Flower of Flowers - The Travel Perfume

Flower of Flowers - The Travel Perfume

Seductive & Mesmerizing

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Top Note : Fresh & Spicy

Bergamote | Une Nuit à Bali

Bergamot Essence
(Citrus Bergamia)

Bergamot arises from the crossing between Lemon and Bitter Orange.

Its name is shrouded in mystery, associated sometimes to the city of Berga in Spain, where it was originally cultivated and sometimes to a Turkish word “beg armudi” meaning Pear of God.

All fragrances of the hesperidia family are created using zest from citrus fruit. They are acidulated, rising, sparkling, and volatile, which makes it the ideal top note to discover a perfume.

- Saffron
Safran ¬ Une Nuit à Bali

(Crocus Sativus)

Noble and rare spice from the Middle East, Saffron is a very much sought-after ingredient in Fine Fragance.

It comes from the crocus sativus’ pistils, which flourishes only three weeks in autumn. The essential oil, lightly bitter and leathery, is derived from the distillation of its leaves.

In high end perfumery, Safron is often used in top notes to emphasize the distinctiveness of the juice.

- Grapefruit

Heart Note: Floral

Absolue de Jasmin 100% pure et naturelle | Une Nuit A Bali

Jasmin Absolute
(Jasminum grandiflorum L.)

Jasmin Absolute is one of the rarest and most precious raw materials used in Fine Fragrance.

Because Jasmin Flower releases its fragrance when the sun goes down, its given name is QUEEN OF THE NIGHT.

It takes 7 millions of these flowers to obtain 2,2 lbs (1 kg) of essence.

Each “Une Nuit à Bali” product contains over 20 000 of them !

Its skincare properties are unique and make it a powerful ingredient to fight against skin aging and boost radiance to the dullest of complexions.

- Ylang-Ylang
Huile essentielle d'Ylang Ylang | Une Nuit A Bali

Extra Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil
(Cananga Odorata Flower Oil)

Ylang-Ylang in Malese means 'THE FLOWER OF FLOWERS'.

The Extra Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil is reknown for its many virtues. It soothes and reduces tension, it eases restlessness and smoothes the driest skin. The body relaxes and surrenders, the mind escapes.

We chose the oil from the “EXTRA” pressing, which is a top grade quality used in the perfumery industry.

- Tuberose
Tubereuse | Une nuit a bali

Tuberose Absolute
(Tuberosa Polianthes)

The sensuous tuberose flower is a symbol of desire. Its alluring scent is regarded as an intense aphrodisiac.

Tuberose is now cultivated worldwide specifically in south India.

A noble extraction allows to obtain an absolute reserved to perfumery. Its scent, at first powerful and obsessional, evolves into a honey and waxy note with a facet of orange blossom and honeysuckle.

Tuberose often composes the heart note of a heady white-flowers fragrance.

- Glycine
Glycine | Une nuit a bali

(Wisteria Sinensis)

Wisteria is one of the most elegant of climbing plants due to the gorgeous grapes of mauve or white flowers that appear in spring.

Its heady and sweet scents gracefully permeate the mind.

Wisteria embraces and supports perfectly the heart notes of floral fragrances.

Base Note: Woody & Powdery

Benzoin Tears
Larmes de Benzoin | Une Nuit à Bali

Benzoin Tears
(Styrax Benzoin)

As balm or resin, benzoin is extracted by cutting into the Styrax Benzoin, a tree originating in Indonesia.

Benzoin is used in fine fragrance to round out the amber and vanilla base notes.

- Sandalwood
Santal | Une nuit a bali

(Santalum Album)

Sandalwood is one of the most precious raw materials in perfumery, known for hundreds of years.

Sandalwood’s warm, heavy fragrances increases overtime.

It exudes an earthy and spicy fragrance which dresses elegantly the most beautiful oriental and floral notes.

- Vanilla
Vanille | Une nuit a bali

(Vanillia Planifolia)

The vanilla plant is a member of the orchid family, grown in tropical conditions, mainly in Madagascar, Indonesia and the Island of Reunion. The vanilla plant bears its fruit in the shape of pods.

An extraction of the sun-dried pods gives the precious absolute.

Its scent is rich, soft and chocolate. Vanilla is a queen in perfumery to attenuate and alleviate a too strong note.

Vanilla is an integral part of sweet accords that can be found in many oriental fragrances.

- Amber - Oud Wood