‘Une Nuit Nomade’ has a strong identity, steeped in travel to unique and surprising destinations. This voyage is about the discovery of exceptional locations, and an ode to the motionless journey - the olfactory nomadism offered by perfume.

Our connection to our mind and body has always been present. For Alexandra, this means practicing Ashtanga yoga all over the world; Philippe is a practitioner of Shiatsu massage with a focus on listening to the body and traditional ancestral medicine. We attach particular importance to nature, especially when it is at its most wild and authentic.

It was important to us to create a brand that respects our values. This is why each of our compositions is the perfect balance between pure chemistry and high-quality natural ingredients. We choose materials for our packaging based on a commitment to environmental protection, and we select suppliers and collaborators who participate the creation of a responsible economy.

‘Une Nuit Nomade’ expresses a life philosophy through its different destinations - a desire to slow down, to anchor in space and time, to meditate, to enjoy every moment and respect what surrounds us. Our professional experience also shaped our brand universe. We conceived ‘Une Nuit Nomade’ while working at Universal Music, where Alexandra was Art Director and Philippe was Director of Marketing.It was important for us to recapture this artistic universe and express it in all its forms. This includes the use of poetry to tell stories that have been transformed into perfume by noses we admire and illustrated in a unique drawing style by the talented Roxane Lagache.

This is a call to live a complete sensory experience.

‘Une Nuit Nomade’ transcribes with elegance and purity our vision of a world where nature, luxury and well-being are inseparable, and arouse an awakening to endless olfactory nomadism.